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Young Whit Book Series

Book Covers

I designed the covers for this new book series for children ages 8-12. It's an historical fiction series with a mystery and adventure set in the 1930s.

Client Focus On The Family



These covers explore the client's direction of a typographical approach.  While the main story is set in the 1930s, there's an old chest from the late 1800s. So the concepts bring together both time periods while building mystery and adventure.


This was the chosen cover direction from the concepts. The frame uses the buckles from a chest. The type for "Young Whit" gives it a late 1800s feel while the subtitle treatment brings in a sense of adventure. However...


...a decision was made late in the process to have an illustrated cover. So the main illustrator for Adventures in Odyssey, Sergio Cariello, was brought in. The subtitle changed late as well. The client loved my title treatment and overall design. So that was kept.

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