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Otter B

Book Series Identity

Client Focus on the Family

Each book in this series for kids ages 3-5 focuses on a specific character trait. I worked on the logo and overall look and feel for the design of the 9 book series.

Logo Concepts

The concept art by illustrator Aaron Zenz helped drive the feel for the logo and overall design. 

Three concepts were explored that felt playful and worked well with the style of illustration.

The logo needed to work into the full title of each book. The concepts showed how the logo adapts from book to book.

Book Cover Concepts

Once the logo was selected, we focused on the cover concepts. These explored various ways to emphasize the book series, the Otter B character, or the value each book focused on.

The concept that focused on the book series was chosen. The final covers were created using the color palette provided by Aaron.

The full cover was created using art from the interior of the book.