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Max, The Code Mechanic


With all remote workers, WP Maintainer wanted a face to their service. Max is a code mechanic who lives inside the code. Standing tall at 5 lines of code, he makes sure each client's WordPress site is up to date and running smoothly. I worked with WP Maintainer to develop the concept and look for Max.

Client WP Maintainer

Role Art Director and Illustrator


Three concepts were presented. All were going for a look inspired by classic early 90s Nintendo box art and retro advertising mascots. This gave Max a fun yet trustworthy look. With each concept, I pushed for a back story to Max.

Concept A- Code Tinkerer

This handyman is on the job to fix and maintain your WordPress site.

Concept B - Big Lug

Nothing will stop this brute from fixing or maintaining your WordPress site.

Concept C - The Janitor

While not quite human, this guy lives inside the code. Standing small at three lines of code high, he uses everyday tools to keep your WordPress site well maintained.

In the next round, we used elements from concepts A and C. Max was the janitor who lived inside the code. He would pop out of your web browser to greet each customer.

Max's identity solidified by making him the Code Janitor. He became the helpful, local mechanic that would take care of all of your Word Press needs.


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